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Seasonal Shifts

The end of the summer ball travel season is approaching quickly. Those long, hot days spent working multiple games are coming to a close.

Fall ball or other sports are ready to kick into gear in short order. But, what are you doing to recharge and address your personal, family, and/or work needs?

Without a doubt, we all can be an "Ironman/woman" and grind through lingering injuries, but at what cost? Are you doing anyone any favors by not moving when you are working a game? Are you, truly, satisfied with your effort during your 4th game of an extremely humid and hot day?

Sure the paycheck is nice, don't get me wrong. However, those summer mechanics can quickly creep into the fall season and then become a mechanical habit you need to break or tweak as the new spring season kicks off.

Do your self (and others) a favor - continue to maintain your disciplines through summer and fall so that spring isn't such an uphill battle in the early weeks. In fact, if you are truthful with yourself and notice your effort dropping or that you are cutting corners on your mechanics and hustle then it is time to cut back on the quantity of games and, instead, work on the quality of games. Quality > Quantity any day of the week!

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